Mind Over Matter


When we launched our first product Nootrodog, the world’s first nootropic for dogs, we could have never imagined the great passion it would inspire. All across the world we heard from dog owners who held that same belief that drives us today. That dogs are more than four legs and a tail. That our companions are capable of human-like emotion, empathy and even thoughts.

It is in this spirit that Birdnip is pleased to introduce today a powerful new set of plant-based, human-grade dog supplements each with a precise blend of naturally deriving nootropics and adaptogens.Available today alongside the groundbreaking Nootrodog, we are proud to introduce our latest products: Feathers and Swift.

The brain is the most powerful organ and only when working in full tandem with the body can we fully elevate every aspect of our canine companions to optimize their health and daily performance.

Debuting alongside the new product is a Lookbook Series titled ‘A FAMILIAR PLACE, SEEN ANEW’, read more HERE.

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