Everything has changed.
Everything is the same.

The last few decades have seen an incredible explosion of human technology and achievement. From the first person on the moon to the cusp of self driving cars. We can live anywhere, and exist nowhere. We can purchase products worldwide and have them dropped off at our doorsteps within hours. A.I. grows more powerful by the day and VR is finally a reality.

What hasn’t changed is our relationship to dogs. From their earliest roles as guards, protectors, and fellow hunting partners to the loyal companions they remain today; dogs have been the one constant besides humans since they first approached our early ancestors to escape the cold.

It is a relationship that has stood the test of time.

Modern day humans now carry the world’s information inside our pocket, we’re healthier than ever, and living longer than any other time in history. While we as humans have evolved leaps and bounds and continue to push ourselves to daily excellence; our canine companions haven’t quite had the opportunity to make that same leap.

Today, the world’s largest companies and the venture capital that follows have largely gone towards improving the human existence. As a society, we are making incredible strides.

Meanwhile, research has long shown that dogs have a tremendous impact on the lives on humans. Children who are raised with them are shown to be more emotionally intelligent and empathetic, they lower our stress and anxiety levels, and have even been shown to increase our own human lifespan. All of this to say nothing of the daily joy they bring us.

What’s long bothered us is the lack of mainstream science, technology and investment to truly improve the lives of dogs on a fundamental level, helping them reach their full potential, and strengthening bonds between us. To help us all achieve a greater understanding of what is perhaps the world’s smartest and most loyal animal. Dogs helped early humans survive through hunting alongside them. To move forward, we’ll need to turn to them once again.

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